The New York Jew: Blessings and Curses



The figure of the New York Jew is at once among the most celebrated and villified figures in American culture.

And even though 400 years of history along the Hudson River have seen the barriers of anti-semitic discrimination fall and bridges to economic opportunity rise (with Jews achieving prominence in every area of America life, from sports and entertainment to politics, culture, and business) the figure of the New York Jew remains a powerfully controversial cultural signifier. The New York Jew is at once marginalized and central to the life of the city and the nation, representative in the global imagination of the very best and the very worst that our civilizations have to offer. This course presents a cultural history of the New York Jew, from the earliest arrivals in the early 1600s to the klezmer revival of recent years.

By Professor dr. Jonathan Gill


12 September: The Earliest New York Jews: "The Company or the Community" 

  • Picturing New York Jewish History: Ben Katchor's graphic novel The Jew of New York

26 September: The Age of Immigration: "In America They Eat Challah Every Day" 

  • Jewish Bildungsroman, Jewish Lyric: Abraham Cahan’s novel, The Rise of David Levinsky
  • Emma Lazarus’s poem The New Collossus

17 October: The 1920s, Jazz Age Jews 

  • George and Ira Gershwin and Black Music: Mischa, Yascha, Toscha, Sascha”

31 October: The 1930s and 1940s, Gold Standards, Silver Screens

  • The Imperatives of Memory: Alfred Kazin memoir New York Jew

14 November: The Old War, the Cold War, The Old Left and the New Right: If Commentary and Dissent Merged 

  • Susan Sontag's essay Notes on Camp
  • Irving Howe’s autobiography A Margin of Hope
  • Hannah Arendt's essay “Eichmann in Jerusalem”

28 November: The Counterculture: The Revolution Will Not Be Kashered

  • The Poetry of Identification: Allen Ginsberg poem Kaddish
  • Jewish Laughter, Jewish Tears: Lenny Bruce, In His Own Words
  • Photography and the Third Commandment: Diane Arbus photograph The Jewish Giant

12 December: We Are That We Are: Post-Jew, Half-Jew, New Jew

  • Filming Secular Jewish Manhattan: Woody Allen’s film Annie Hall 
  • The Jewish Novelist's Public Secrets: Philip Roth novel Portnoy's Complaint 
  • Great Jewish Music, Past, Present, Future, and Post: John Zorn’s Corpus

Date, time, location and price

  • Date: 12, 26 September, 17, 31 October, 14, 28 November and 12 December 2017
  • Time: 19.00 - 21.00 uur
  • Number of colleges: 7
  • Location: not available yet
  • Price: 140 / 110 (discount price for Alumni members)

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