Media and Culture: Media Culture in Transformation



The lecture series will introduce a number of key transformations in media technologies and culture, such as the invention of print, the advent of moving images, telecommunication and broadcasting, and digital media.

Furthermore, the lectures will show to what extent the concepts introduced with respect to historical transformations can also be useful in thinking about contemporary media dynamics. A question, for example, would be how contemporary 3D technologies relate to the “cinema of attractions” of film’s early years. Finally, the course introduces students to the more general logics that underlie all media change. In this context, we will for instance consider the important phases in the advent of a medium, such as its technological invention, institutionalisation and domestication.

Date, time, location and price

  • Date: 1 November - 15 December 2017
  • Time: Wednesdays and Fridays, 09:00 - 11:00
  • Number of courses: 14
  • Location: Oudemanhuispoort D0.08
  • Price: 180 / 162 (discount price for AUV-members)

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Important information

Course type Open UvA-Course
Education Lectures
Semester/block Semester 1, block 2
Language English
Study material Online reader with weekly readings, accompanied by short contextualising introductions written by the instructors
Other You may only attend the lectures, not the seminars or other extras. It is not possible to partake in exams or obtain credits.
Deadline registration 23 October 2017 (subject to availability)


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