Performance at the Edge



An academic approach to performance.

Much filmic discourse is still working under the influences of the novel, and cinema's other precedent, more ritual based art forms - theatre and poetry. The first two lectures, at least, will focus on the concepts of "adaptation", or how novels, plays, graphic novels and computer games find new lives in films. As the lectures continue, the deeper issues of how images and words remain mutually entangled and how narratives are transposed and transformed between films and books and other media, remains a burning question. The interface between photography and film, painting and film, television and film, and new media and film, will demand attention. However, the breadth of these considerations will be kept in check by the following term: performance.

Date, time, location and price

  • Date: 6 September - 13 December 2017 (to be confirmed)
  • Time: Wednesdays, 15:00 - 19:00 (to be confirmed)
  • Number of courses: 14
  • Location: Oudemanhuispoort, D1.09
  • Price: 180 / 162 (discount price for AUV-members)

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Important information

Course type Open UvA-College
Education Lectures
Semester/blok Semester 1, block 1 and 2
Language English
Study material Online materials (blackboard)
Other You may only attend the lectures, not the seminars or other extras. It is not possible to partake in exams or obtain credits.  
Deadline registration 28 August 2017 (subject to availability)


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