Western Culture and Counterculture

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First of all, this lecture course provides a bird’s-eye overview of the main currents of Western intellectual and cultural history from Late Antiquity to the present, with an emphasis on the interwoven histories of philosophy, religion, the natural sciences, and the arts, and with due attention to their political and social context.

At the same time, it problematizes the hegemonic agendas and implicit ideological assumptions that have driven traditional historical narratives of Western culture, by giving systematic attention to a range of currents, ideas, practices, and organizations that have tended to be rejected, suppressed, marginalized, or discredited in traditional academic scholarship. By giving equal attention to normative ideas of “Western Culture” and to the various kinds of “Counter Culture” against which it defines its own identity, the module both describes and questions the “grand narratives” that have dominated our understanding of Western Culture in the academy. Against this background, special attention wil go to the basic polemical and apologetic discourses that inform current intellectual as well as public debates about religion and its relation to modernity.

Date, time, location and price

  • Date: 5 September - 12 December 2017
  • Time: Tuesdays, 09:00 - 12:00
  • Number of courses: 14
  • Location: Oudemanhuispoort D0.08
  • Price: 180 / 162 (discount price for AUV-members)

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Important information

Course type Open UvA-Course
Education Lectures
Semester/blok Semester 1, block 1 and 2
Language English
Study material A reading list and course program will be downloadable at least four weeks before the start of the course, from http://www.amsterdamhermetica.nl.
Other You may only attend the lectures, not the seminars or other extras. It is not possible to partake in exams or obtain credits.
Deadline registration 28 August 2017 (subject to availability)


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