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Brazil: Democracy, Citizenship and Culture

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As one of the largest countries and economies in the world, Brazil plays a major role in economic and social processes in Latin America and is an increasingly prominent player in regional and global politics. This course addresses historical development and contemporary dynamics of the modern Brazilian society.

The recent (post-2000) socio-political development of Brazil is characterized by a ‘boom and bust’ cycle, not only in economic terms but also with respect to democracy, social justice, and international standing. Whereas the previous decade was marked by a more inclusive pattern of economic growth, reduction of poverty and inequality, and vibrant debates on the expansion and diversification of citizenship, after 2010 mass protests, economic decline, and political turmoil set the stage for a ‘neoconservative turn’ of which the election, in October 2018, of an extreme right wing politician to the presidency has been the most visible (but certainly not the only) consequence. 


Dhr. dr. F. (Fabio) de Castro

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Dhr. prof. dr. C.G. (Kees) Koonings

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Time, location en price

  • 9 Februari - 16 March 2021
  • Tuesday from 13:00-16:00
  • Online
  • Costs: €150  (€135  AUV members )

For the current study schedule, please consult the UvA timetable website. 

Important to know

  • Registration deadline: 24 January 2021
  • Study material: to be announced
  • You can only audit an OUC, which means that you may only attend lectures and cannot attend seminars, take part in the examination, or obtain ECTS credits.

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